Ardell Vs Triton False Eyelash Glue- Review


Hey everyone!!! I recently started using false eye lashes and I have also share a video on my first time to apply falsies, if you are interested you may watch it here. So, after purchasing falsies the next question comes is “ki… Continue Reading

Top 5 Boroline Hacks For Bangalore Weather


Hey everyone!!! We are in last month of this year and December is usually a winter season for India. I have a combination skin which behaves very weird during winters, it becomes dry, flaky and patchy. For this I have… Continue Reading

Patanjali Dant Kanti Fresh Active Gel- Review


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XCODE​ ​LIFE Launches The World’s First ‘South Asian & Indian Ancestry Genetic’ Test


Hey everyone! Last week I had been the part of very interesting event from XCode Life. They basically work on DNA. XCode Life is a privately held personal genomics and biotechnology company founded in 2011. It was named after the… Continue Reading

Kaya Refreshing Mattifying Wipes- Review


Hey everyone!!! Today I am going to give my reviews on Kaya’s refreshing mattifying wipes. Wet wipes are very handy while travelling, so I never miss a small pack of wet wipes. Without wasting time lets jump into the review… Continue Reading

Good knight Fabric Roll-On (bubblegum fragrance)- Review


Hey everyone!!! After waiting for such a long time, I have finally got this product which is good night fabric roll on. When this product came in market I was not so interested in trying it but as time passed… Continue Reading

Gala Of London Long Lasting Matte Lipstick (M03 Madness)- Review


Hey everyone!!! Recently I am more into matte lipsticks, I feel it looks more gorgeous and last long. There are many options for matte lipsticks in market with vibrant colors which look awesome. Few weeks back I got another matte… Continue Reading

Roop Mantra Neem Face Wash- Review


Hey everyone!!! As I promised you guys that after reviewing Roop Mantra Mix Fruit Face Wash I will try its other variants and review it for you. So yes, here I am with another review of Roop Mantra Neem Face… Continue Reading