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With the revolutionary expansion of the makeup industry, we all have enlarged our vanities. Where there were just lipsticks, foundation, powder, rouge, and eyeliners, the additions of contour sticks, highlighters, concealers, etc. has made the art of makeup a very deep and challenging quest. And when it comes to a round face, the most fretted-over task is how to make it look more defined and chiselled. Your worries end here. Below are four best beauty and makeup tips for a round face that’ll make you a pro at defining your round face.


The eyes are the pivotal detail of the face and a bold, neatly done set of eyebrows are definitely going to draw attention to the eyes. A nicely filled-in and highlighted eyebrow is one of the most indispensable makeup for a round face. Stick to your shade of brow pencil or gel, depending upon the convenience.

Do not draw out your eyebrows, but just fill them in and make them properly shaped and uniform. Highlight the bone under the eyebrows to make them look sharp. Arching the eyebrows according to the brow shape can help add dimension to the face and give the viewer a pattern to follow while looking at the face.



A well-defined contouring and highlighting can make your face look more vibrant and alive. Contour works really well for round face shapes as it can help add definition and structure to your curved features. Start by contouring along the outer edges of your forehead, at your temples, and under your cheekbones, then continue the contour around your jawline, avoiding the chin.

By leaving the chin free of contour, it’ll help to add more height to your face, creating the illusion of a longer, more oval face shape. Finding your perfect shade of contour stick is the key factor in contouring. One wrong shade and your whole look will go down the drain. Hence, choose your contour stick shade appropriately. After contouring, highlight your Nose Bridge, cheekbones, forehead, and upper lip to add more sharpness to your face.



A lot of people with round shaped faces skip blusher, but this is a big mistake as it adds a delicate flush of color and can actually enhance the definition of your contour. You just need to know where to place the blusher to work with the dimensions of your face. Sweep your blusher lightly across your cheekbones, starting very lightly at the apple of your cheek and drawing it towards your ear, between your contour and highlight.

This will add warmth while elongating your face. One thing to keep in the mind while you apply blush to your face is that do not go overboard with the quantity you apply. Once you swirl your brush into the blush powder, shake off the excess by tapping it off. Also, remember that while applying the blush on to your cheeks, do not dab it or press it into your skin. Pressing the blush on to your skin will dislodge your product and give a very blotchy feel to your skin. Instead, gently stroke it on your skin giving it the lightest of flushes which define your round face.



Eyes say it all. Make your eyes more expressive by using darker and warmer tones of eye shadows. Prefer a winger liner to give your eyes a sharp look which will make your face look more defined. Also, don’t neglect your eyelashes. Apply an adequate amount of mascara to your lashes to give a depth and volume to your eyes.

Darker tones of eye shadows make your eyes pop out making them more delineating and making your face look chiselled. Have trouble making your round face look more defined? Also, you can use beauty and health offers and purchase the products required to make your round face more expressive. Also, follow these tips and the day won’t be far when you’ll be acing at defining your face like a pro.


Hope you all did find this post helpful and would give it a try.Let me know if you have questions and queries to ask!!

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