Are You Doing These Beauty Mistakes Too?

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With all the overloaded beauty information available out there, girls are supposed to be aware about everything related to the subject. But still we all are guilty of making beauty mistakes from time to time. Read more to see if you are making some mistakes too?

Apply Foundation Without Moisturizing Skin:

  • You need a neat and clean canvas to apply makeup, so it is ideal to wash face and put moisturizer according to skin type before applying foundation. This will keep foundation flawless and without being cakey.

Apply Foundation on Pimples:

  • This is the worst thing you do to pimple prone and oily skin. Always prep and protect your skin with suitable primer because it works as a barrier and does not allow foundation to clog pores.

Apply Liquid Lipstick Without Moisturizing It:

  • No doubt liquid lipstick looks very stunning but at the same time it has a tendency to make lips dry and dehydrated. So, you should apply good lip balm beforehand to keep you lips looking hydrated throughout the day.

Do Eyebrows Without Brushing Them:

  • If you directly fill your eyebrows there are chances that they will look messy and muddy. SO, it is better to brush them first and then fill all the gaps. This way you will get more natural looking brows.

Apply Mascara Without Curling Lashes:

  • Curling lashes before applying mascara is a good idea because it lifts the lashes and open up the eyes. At the same time, it makes overall process easy because now you need less mascara to cover lashes and they will not look clumpy

Skipping Night Time Routine:

  • Skipping your night-time routine especially if you have pimple prone skin will break your look. Remove your makeup with good makeup remover and apply a good toner and moisturizer before going to bed.

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