Born Pretty Store Makeup Silicone/Silly Gel Puff/Sponge- Review

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Now a days doing makeup has become very interesting because people are coming up with such a crazy and different ideas which sometimes blows my mind 😀 One of those is using silicone bra (or you can use silicone sponge which is known as silly sponge too) for blending makeup which is quite crazy and ever since I have watched that video on instagram I wanted to try silicone sponge and born pretty store has made it possible. So today I ll give my reviews for Born Pretty Store Silicone Sponge 🙂


About Brand:

I got this product from Born Pretty Store, It’s the online shop for all kind of fashion, nail art and beauty related products.

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Product Description:

Wasting cosmetics products is already a history.

Ideal for people who don’t like messy fingers during makeup.


  • Take the littlest amount of cream/liquid product (about half the amount compared to directly using brush or sponge) and go in circular motions or back and forth to spread. Tap repeatedly to blend and settle. Build coverage as needed.
  • To clean, use mild soap and rinse it with luke warm water, pat dry and store.


  • Keep it away from sharp objects like your tweezers or brow scissors and it will last for very long time.


Do not peel off the film, or it will be damaged.




My Take:

Ohh my God finally I got my hands on it 😀 and when I took it first time in my hand it was such a weird feeling because it is exactly feels like silicone bra inserts :p but now I am used to of it. Packaging was nothing special it came in zip pouch, luckily product was intact. It comes in three different shapes Circle, Drop and Leaf I have got the last shape on which pink flowers are printed which gives this sponge a feminine touch. So as mentioned in the details I take half of the liquid foundation on the back of my hand and then pick little product at a time on this sponge and apply on my face. You can use it in circular motion but dab and drag (back and forth ) motion works well for me. Initially I felt that this is not doing any thing but gradually product starts getting into skin. The best part of this sponge is that 99.9% of product goes into skin and not in sponge which saves the expensive products. It is easy to work on eye sockets and sides of nose. I get good coverage from my garnie BB cream when I apply it with silicon sponge. It is very easy to wash it just use mild liquid soap or wet wipes and it is ready to reuse not like normal beauty blenders. This is a good option for everyday use 🙂


  • Gives good coverage
  • Easy to work with
  • Easy to wash


  • Availability

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Hope you all did find the review helpful and would give it a try.Let me know if you have questions and queries to ask!!

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