Healthy Sleep Habit Can Make a Big Difference

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There are numerous reasons for everyone to stay awake till late hours. It might be work pressure, late night parties, watching TV or blogging/vlogging. And after that even one goes to bed he/she might feel difficult in getting proper and sound sleep. This can be a serious medical condition for which you should see the doctor. However, doing these lifestyle changes can also help improve your sleeping habits. Let’s see what are these:

Do Regular Exercise/Meditation:

  • Regular exercise will not only keep you active during the day but will also help you sleep better at night. Also, deep breathing exercise and meditation can calm your mind and help you sleep fast. Before going to bed close your eyes meditate and relax and you are sure to fall asleep.


Eat Healthy Food:

  • Avoid eating oily and spicy food for dinner. Eat light food including fruits and vegetables in your diet. Also having early dinner helps in getting sleep fast. Avoid alcohol, coffee, tea, chocolates or aerated drinks just before sleeping, replace them with a cup of warm milk.

Warm Bath:

  • If weather is suitable you may also take bath in warm water before going to bed and wear comfy nightwear or PJs, Warm water bath will also relax your muscles and help you get better sleep.

No TV and Smartphones in Bedroom:

  • Bedroom should be the room to relax and sleep so try not to install TV and take your smartphones or laptops in bedroom because they will distract your mind and you will not get good sleep. Your bed should have a nice and cozy mattress that supports your back and a pillow for your head.

Sleep Rituals:

  • Try to cultivate a ritual before going to bed like reading book or writing journals/diary. This will help you in releasing your emotions and prepare your mind for sound sleep.

Use lavender Oil:

  • Lavender products are considered useful in inducing sleep. Use lavender candle in bedroom as it has calming effect on the mind. Or else you may sprinkle few drops of lavender oil on your pillow.

Hope you all did find it helpful and would give it a try.Let me know if you have questions and queries to ask!!

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