Mother Sparsh Baby Water Wipes- Review


Hey everyone!!! Being a beauty blogger and YouTuber I have to do makeup for videos and shoots and I make sure to take it off as soon as I am done with my work. For removing my makeup, I like… Continue Reading

7 Days, 7 Shoes: Men, Have A Colorful Week!

Metro_Red Casual Moccasin_INR 3990

Hey everyone!!! Summer is a great season to experiment with your wardrobe and accessories. While girls bring out their sundresses and scarves, men indulge in a lot of cotton trousers and tees. Everything black goes inside the cupboard and colors… Continue Reading

This Summer Do A ‘Rajinikanth’ For Your Hair

SummerHair Care

Hey everyone!!! Cool shades are synonymous with Rajinikanth and summer is the perfect season to “do a Rajinikanth” if we may say for your hair. Confused? Don’t be. Protect your hair from the sun with all its glory as this… Continue Reading

Roop Mantra Aloe Vera Face Wash- Review


Hey everyone!!! I have been a regular user of roop mantra products. I have given a try to roop mantra cold cream and different face washes (links below) And I quite like their products, they gave good results. So today… Continue Reading

4 Comfortable Wedges to Wear with Office Attire ft. Metro Shoes

Metro_ INR 1890 (3)

Hey everyone!!! We all know how exhausting office hours can get. Juggling calls and clients, walking to and from meetings and then office parties you can’t get out of – all of this in heels? Quite a torture for your… Continue Reading

OxyLife Crème Bleach- Review


Hey everyone!!! After trying jolen bleach cream, this time I got another one and it is oxy life cream bleach. Actually, I wanted to buy jolen bleach but it was not available on store and I did not have time… Continue Reading

KOHL’s Collective Haul


Hey everyone!!! After a long time here, I am to share a collective haul with you. This haul is very special to me because it is my very first US haul from Kohl’s. So, Kohl’s is an American department store retailing chain, they have all… Continue Reading

Roop Mantra Lime & Mint Face Wash- Review


Hey everyone!!! For healthy skin one should follow proper skin care routine CTM. All these three steps are very important and one should use the products according to their skin type. Keeping that in mind I have done a review… Continue Reading