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To get proper sanitary need is every girl’s right. Where sanitary pads are the saviours for those days, however, they are producing huge amount of non-degradable waste in our environment, which is alarming. To cut this waste Pink premium has come up with bio degradable pads which are made of natural material with no color, no plastic and no added perfume.

About Brand:

Designed for the Women, By the Women, Pink sanitary pads are a Revolutionary, Smart and a Healthy replacement to the widely used plastic sanitary pads.

Ever wondered what your monthly sanitary pads are made off? If not, take some time out and check the pack of your regularly used sanitary pads. Surprisingly, you will not see the materials used to make your high absorbent and odorless pads mentioned on the pack. Reason – They contain unnatural, chemical based materials in making their pads which are simply stamped as SAFE and HYGIENIC for your use.

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Product Description:

Celebrating the true & pure sense of womanhood with our bio-degradable, natural & ultrathin sanitary napkins. Let’s add a pinch of extra care for your body & our mother earth.

Pink Premium has made an extra effort in researching about bio-degradable sanitary pads and have gone an extra mile in creating the best handcrafted, natural, bio-degradable sanitary pads available in the market.

My Take:

I have a pack of 10 pads which has 4 different size of pads (XXL, XL, L, S). It also comes in travel pack which has 3 different size pads (XXL, XL, L) You can easily buy it from Pink Premium site or on online stores. These pads are handmade using natural material like plants cellulose, natural fiber, vegetable starch and oils. It has 7 layers which makes it leak proof. The material is so soft and rash free. XXL pad has wide back and side wings which is suitable for those heavy flow days/nights. I absolutely like this product as I can use it without any guilt of increasing waste in the environment. It also comes with separate disposable paper pouch which is again biodegradable. I ask you to use these sanitary pads and spread Muskaan on every girl’s face who is involved in making our environment safe and pollution free.

Spreading Muskaan:

A Healthy Girl, a Healthy India! For every one of those women, who are deprived of basic needs, for all those who are less fortuned to have enough information, hygiene & care. Right from providing free education to providing the basic hygiene needs to girls in the rural areas, Women Planet Foundation vows to take care of them all through its activities and educational sessions. Every single pack you buy helps us to spread more muskaan in India!

The #Pinkpowerment:

‘Empower Women and you empower the world’. We have taken it upon ourselves to use PINK PREMIUM not only to save the environment but to also empower more women by implying manufacturing process with minimum machining.

Hope you all did find this post helpful and would give it a try.Let me know if you have questions and queries to ask!!

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