Top 5 Boroline Hacks For Bangalore Weather

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We are in last month of this year and December is usually a winter season for India. I have a combination skin which behaves very weird during winters, it becomes dry, flaky and patchy. For this I have tried many DIYs but did not get long lasting result. Then I finally started using boroline, this is India’s oldest antiseptic cream launched in 1929  Kolkata, India. I still remember my granny used to apply this cream during winters. Since my childhood I am also using this product at On and Off basis. But for few years I have been using it on a regularly because I have shifted to Bangalore and here the weather is quite dry throughout the year which make skin very dry. So today I will share few of my beauty hacks using boroline to get rid of all skin related problems. Let’s get started 😊

About Brand:

Boroline is an over the counter antiseptic cream you can get in India. It is a combination of the antiseptic boric acid, the astringent and sunscreen zinc oxide, and the emollient lanolin and is meant to be used for cuts, cracked lips, rough skin, and to treat infections.

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Earlier it used to come in tube pack but you can easily get it in tub form in two options boroline and boroline ultra soft. For below mentioned hacks I like to use original boroline but you may use either of them as per your choice. Lets start wit the hacks:

Beauty Hack #1:

Use boroline to remove makeup, yes read it right…use little bit of cream and apply on your face, give gentle massage and with the help of wet wipes take it off. You can see that this cream easily removes waterproof make up leaving skin soft and moisturized. You may watch full demo video here:


Beauty Hack #2:

This works as very moisturizing hand cream, especially after doing all those household chores my hands get very dry and dull. So, I reach out to this cream and apply generously on my hands till elbows and it does the job.

Beauty Hack #3:

Boroline works great for dry and chapped lips. Before going to bed apply some cream on your lips and leave it overnight and next morning you can see the result. Your lips will become pink and soft (after regular use)

Beauty Hack #4:

During winters everyone has cracked heel problem. The best possible way to cure them is to use boroline. Apply it on creaked heel, massage gently and wear socks. After few usage your heels will become soft, moisturized and creak free.

Beauty Hack #5:

Last but not the least, you may use it as night cream. After washing my face with moisturizing face wash (currently I am using roop mantra fruit face wash) I apply boroline on my face and neck and it heals my face overnight and make my skin soft and supple.

So, these were few beauty hacks using boroling which I religiously do during dry weather of Bangalore.

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Hope you all did find this post helpful and would give it a try.Let me know if you have questions and queries to ask!!

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