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Love is in the air, Valentine’s Day is around the corner, a day to express love for our loved ones. Planning that perfect Valentine’s day date can be quite daunting, especially with the endless options to choose from. An exchange of flowers, candy or heart-shaped cards might be enough for most people on Valentine’s Day but Flowers will die. Candy gets eaten. Balloons will pop. Stuffed animals may stop singing. Cards may get lost or thrown away.

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So, this year, go for the gifts that he/she will surely love and will keep it in their heart. Bigsmall on this V-Day has come up with a whole new range of gifts that will be an add-on to your love as they believe in Leaving behind the tradition of conventional gifting and make it more than just another giveaway. It’s a nice gesture of presenting your dear ones with unique gifts, but finding a particular gift is a task. To solve this hurdle BigSmall is here with a few gifting options enclosed below

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  • Heart Ice Cream Scoop 

Could there a better way to share ice cream with your loved ones? This adorable heart ice cream scoop is just what you need to take the treat of gorging on delicious ice cream up a notch!


  • Beating Heart Wall Clock

Ever counted your Heartbeat? Ever realized the importance of a beating heart? Well, this time with the beating heart wall clock you can do both! Marvel at the beauty of life God has created and experience your heartbeat reflected in the beat of the clock. The heart pounding every second is your call to appreciate your life, and understand the importance of time at every instance. The clock, based on the illusionary effect of moire pattern, makes the heart beat every second just like it’s hand. The 12″ diameter heart clock is a perfect gift to present your girlfriend/boyfriend or spouse as your token of love, telling its only for them that your heart beats. What more, it’s a buddy for all those people who are recklessly in love!


  • Heart Shaped Glass

A transparent, heart-shaped tea or coffee glass for you to drink the hot drinks of your choice! Fill it will love and drink with contentment to its capacity of 240 ml. It’s a double layered glass cup to provide maximum insulation from heat and thus are heat resistant. So, sip your tea/coffee and fall in love with them all over again!


Simple glasses for your favorite drinks? No, not happening!
Your special drinks deserve special glasses. And that’s what rose glass gives you. This glass is internally shaped to hold your drinks in the form of a rose. So, the next time you pour your drinks into one of these, you’ll find a green stem of the rose in the glass. And as you pour your drinks, the rose becomes active and you see a flower in color of your favorite drinks! Wine or some mocktails and cocktails, it makes every drink look beautiful and delicious!


Hope you all did find this post helpful and would give it a try.Let me know if you have questions and queries to ask!!

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