A special day for special children at Radiance Realty

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It was indeed a special day for a few children at the Spastics Society of Tamil Nadu [SPASTN] school in Taramani. A day when they would express their idea of a beautiful home as a sketch. This purposive event was organized by Radiance, a leading realty group.

SPASTN empowers and enables disabled people to reach their full potential through Education, Training and Employment. Their activities begin with awareness-creation; go on to the screening of newborn babies in Primary Health Centers and Government Hospitals. They offer a wide range of services to parents of disabled children from special schools to Integration/ Inclusive education systems and job-orientated training programmes. They also promote self-help groups and focus strongly on improving access for the disabled by promoting a barrier free environment.

The excitement in the hall was palpable, when these special children armed with color pencils, crayons, brushes and paint waited with bated breath for the start signal. They then set to task with an earnestness that was hard to believe and created what can only be called special masterpieces. The level of detailing that some of the children had gone in to were admired with awe by all present.

In recognition of the extraordinary talent that was exhibited, Radiance Realty collated some of these sketches and has presented them in the form of a unique calendar for 2018.

SPASTN under whose care, these children were, has since 1981 been involved in the care of children and youngsters with cerebral palsy, autism, mental retardation and multiple disabilities.

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