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It all started with a road trip that Sujal and Medha took from India to Morocco. They realized the amazing potential a trip can have. The liberation of an overland trip with your mates is one that can only be experienced on the trip. They undertook many road trips in the past 2 years like Scotland, India to Spain, New Zealand, Best of Silk Route, Baltics Self Drive. Sujal and Medha personally does the recce of a new route that they plan. Embarq has organized several departure and bespoke tours. In the Bespoke tours, the traveler informs their availability and budget for a road trip and Embarq plans the same for them. If the client requests for a navigating vehicle or a driver, budgets for the stay etc., Embarq provides the same.

About the force behind Embarq:

Medha Joseph: Equipped with a keen financial acumen and an astute sense of route planning, Medha is pivotal in bringing all our travel ideas to life. Travelling is her raison d’être and she was instrumental in conceptualizing and planning a self-drive expedition covering 15 countries in 57 days from India to Morocco via China, Central Asia, Russia and Europe with five other friends, including Embarq’s other co-founder, Sujal Patwardhan. Medha drives a Toyota Land Cruiser and likes to explore places off the beaten track. Before making travel her full-time career, she worked as a finance professional for 11 years for world-renowned companies Mercedes-Benz, General Electric and Infosys. When she is not travelling, you will find Medha immersed in a David Baldacci book or painting a canvas.

Sujal Patwardhan: A multi-tasker, troubleshooter and a people person, Sujal is an expert in organizing events and managing teams. Her true passion though, lies in exploring the world on wheels. She has been on road trips in India, US, Spain and Turkey. She undertook a massive inter-continental journey of 23,000 km along with five other friends, including Medha. Starting from India, they drove for 57 days across 15 countries and three continents to reach their destination – Morocco! Travelling is in her blood and she has now made it her profession. Prior to co-founding Embarq, she was the Vice President at a Mumbai based investment bank, Ambit Holdings and has worked in the field of Human Resources for 14 years for companies like Lehman Brothers and Infosys. Apart from driving, Sujal’s hobbies include ‘Bollywood’ and ‘biryani’ and she has an enviable collection of wristwatches.

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I got a chance to ask them:

“As this trip is for #WomenCrossingBoundaries on their own, so what are the securities and safety measures you are going to provide them during the trip?”

The car and motorcycles will have separate convoys with full support teams to take care of any contingencies. We ensure that we set a pace that is reasonable, we keep people guided about the dangers or the experiences that one should expect in the road ahead because that has already been covered by us during the recce and the multiple trips that we have done in the past.

Once a participant signs-up they will be provided with all the material on driving instructions, a road book, how to prep, detailed travel advisory and all the assistance in getting ready for this epic drive, followed by a detailed briefing session before the trip.

The participants will have to strictly follow the driving rules in each country. It is mandatory on all Embarq road-trips to wear seat belts while driving and keep a check on the condition of the cars and bikes. It is also mandatory for the riders to wear the proper riding & safety gear replied the duo.

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