Hats Meet Hoofs Making Sunday A Racy Event

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The Poonawalla Breeders Multi-Million race 2018 held on Sunday, saw the Poonawallas and their extended family and friends at the race course. The Poonawalla’s exclusive Mystical Lounge was exploding with excitement with the ladies Delna, Simone, Natasha, and Michelle sporting their exquisite fascinators joining in with their rest of the clan in cheering their horse. It was a special moment when Zavaray Poonawalla clinked glasses with his children and nephew Adar and raised a toast to a dream come true.

What made it sweeter was the victory of their horse Corfe Castle, who ran in the main race. Corfe is not only bred by the Poonawallas and also partly owned by Simone Poonawalla.

Simone Poonawalla


Delna Poonawalla


Delna and Zavaray Poonawalla


Delna and Simone Poonawalla


Consulate General of Belgium with wife, Delna Poonawalla, Yohan Poonawalla, Zavaray Poonawalla, Natasha Poonawalla and Adar Poonawalla


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