Nature’s Co. Lavender Body Lotion- Review

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To have healthy body skin we need to keep it well moisturized, that’s the reason I like to try different body lotions and I keep on changing it according to weather and requirement. So from this range today I am going to give my reviews for “Lavender Body Lotion” from the brand “Nature’s Co.”

About Brand: 

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INR 625 for 250ml

Shelf Life:

2 years from the date of mfg



Jasmine Flower oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Kokum Butter, Olive fruit Oil.

Product Description:

Indulge in our pleasant Jasmine Body Lotion whose rich and sweet floral fragrance does magic on your mood. It’s soothing and calming properties works wonders on your skin tone, elasticity and also heals wounds, rashes and skin irritations giving you healthy, brighter skin. Apply it liberally & evenly both in morning & night. It is especially effective when applied after bathing on moist skin.


Direction For Use:

Apply it liberally and evenly both in the morning and night. It is effective when applied after bathing on moist skin.


My Take:

It comes in sturdy cuboid shape bottle with flip blue colour cap which looks very pretty. This lotion is white in colour and has normal consistency ( neither too thick nor to runny) which helps in spreading the product evenly on the body and with in a minute or so it gets absorbed into skin. It has very mild lavender fragrance into it but if you don’t like lavender scent then you might not like it. The only thing is that the scent starts fading after an hour or so ( I wish it could last long). It is mentioned in the product that it is made up of using natural hill spring water which I feel very interesting :). Because I like lavender scent this lotion gives me the feeling of freshness and make my mind calm. It has also got olive oil, kokum butter, vitamin E which are good for skin and it helps in keeping skin well moisturized. So for normal skin people this is a good option but if you have dry skin then you need to reapply it. I like to use it during summers.


  • Made of natural ingredients
  • For all skin types
  • Give nice moisture to skin
  • Little product goes a long way


  • Bottle is little bulky hence it is not so travel friendly
  • Some people may be sensitive to natural ingredients used in this product.

Omnistyles Rating:



For everyday use purpose this is a good option.


Hope you all did find the review helpful and would give it a try.Let me know if you have questions and queries to ask!!

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