Top #5 Foundation Hacks Every Girl Should Know

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I usually do online shopping for my beauty/makeup products like mascara, lipstick, compact powder but when it comes to foundation I do extra research but still sometimes it happens that I get a shade darker or lighter to my skin tone, which is very disappointing 🙁 I can’t throw them as well because they are costly so I tried to use them in different ways (hacks). Let’s read more to know about the hacks:

Hack #1:

The very first thing comes in mind while shopping for foundation is that how to choose right shade? If you are buying a foundation for first time, it will be good if you go to a shop and check the foundation shade at the counter and later on you may buy them online. For this choose few shades which you feel will work well for you, then apply them on your cheek across the jaw line and then blend it with ring finger. Check the shade which matches your skin tone and is going to be your right foundation.

Hack #2:

If you have a foundation with pink under tone than use it to cover/hide your under eye dark circles because product with pink under tone is great to hide blue under tone pigmentation.

Hack #3:

For foundation with yellow under tone you can use them to correct the redness on your face like sides of nose and around the mouth. You can also hide red/pink pimples or acne marks with this foundation.

Hack #4:

Now if you have a foundation with is too dark to your skin tone or too light for you skin tone then don’t worry you can still fix it. So lets see the foundation which is too light, in this case add little bit of dark foundation and for foundation which is too dark to your skin tone add little bit of light shade foundation in it and this is how you will get perfect shade for yourself. This is the reason I always buy two different shade foundations so any time I can just mix and match to my skin tone.

Hack #5:

To get that natural coverage, just mix your full coverage foundation with your favorite moisturizer and apply it. This  will give very natural and dewy finish to face which looks fresh and glowy.

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Hope you all did find it helpful and would give it a try.Let me know if you have questions and queries to ask!!

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