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Technology has made us the most connected generation in history. The irony of our times is that we have more “friends, likes, and loves” than ever before, but we’re also more emotionally and physically distant than any other generation. With city lives and personal and professional commitments, taking up most of our time, people simply don’t have the bandwidth to find and connect with like-minded people, to introspect, or even just to plan an offbeat long-term travel.

Incorporated in 2016 by two avid travellers, Bhairavi Sagar and Col. Jaidev Singh Rathore – Voyages Overland was launched when its founders, wanted to share their love and passion for a very different kind of travel yet to be introduced in India in its most authentic form. Col. Rathore has through the years travelled the entire length and breadth of the country, mapping its four corners and Bhairavi has not only driven across Europe and circumnavigated Iceland solo, but has Overlanded across South America. Together, their cumulative travel experience spans over 50 countries and they truly felt that travelling overland was the best way to see and experience a country. They therefore decided to pioneer “Overlanding” in the country on a never seen format, which is custom designed to cater for travel in India and in turn helping spread this love among many others out there.


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Bhairavi Sagar is the Co-founder, Director at Voyages Overland Pvt. Ltd. She is also a Managing Director for Onion Insights Private Limited. Onion Insights is a global provider in Customer Experience Measurement Programs. They combine sharp business insights with over 14 years of cumulative Marketing and Research, and Mystery Shopping experience to transform loyal customers to brand advocates.

Being a multi-faceted entrepreneur that she is, Bhairavi is the Co-founder and Director of Voyages Overland – a travel company that specializes in organizing guided Overlanding trips through India. Overlanding is a form of long distance travel by land that covers offbeat locations, with camping as the principle form of accommodation and most importantly, where the journey is the primary goal.

Since joining the workforce over 2 decades ago, Bhairavi has donned many hats such as a serial entrepreneur, a trusted customer experience measurement professional and most importantly an offbeat traveller.

Understanding her strength and entrepreneurial drive, it was in 2009 when Bhairavi started her own venture, Onion Insights which has been powering the evolution of customer service and customer experience in India and abroad.

But being the traveller she has always been, Bhairavi translated this interest by partnering with a fellow, like-minded traveler, Col. Jaidev Singh Rathore and started Voyages Overland in 2016. Having Overlanded through 50 countries including the remote towns and villages of Europe and South America and travelled through Europe solo, she has the experience and foresight to see miles ahead down the road. Moreover, travelling gives her the space to ideate and decompress from the urban life.

Bhairavi’s passion for travel and a heart that never moved out of the 70’s brings an eclectic flavour that forms the very core of Voyages Overland. Her never say die attitude, eye for detail and fervour for responsible tourism further solidifies our belief system. Bhairavi is responsible for end-to-end operations and building ‘amazing experiences’ for over landers who travel with us.


Overlanding is not your regular road trip – not by a long shot! At the heart of an Overland journey with Voyages Overland (VO) are safe and sturdy off-road capable trucks. The passenger truck a.k.a. ‘Bonnie’ is air-conditioned and comes equipped with a mini fridge for those chilled beverages, personal lockers where travellers can store their daypacks, laptops and other valuables safely and roof seats to enjoy 360-degree views while on the road. The camper utility truck a.k.a. ‘Clyde’ takes care of every other requirement one might have while on the road, including, a fully functional kitchen where all your meals are prepared, a washing machine for the long spells on the road – enabling you to travel light and five washrooms with both hot and cold water!

With groups of likeminded fellow travellers, Overlanding enables you to visit and camp at spots completely inaccessible to travellers who use conventional transport or travel formats. VO’s accommodation during the trips is a judicious mix of camp nights, homestays, and offbeat experiential properties. Accompanying the traveller on every Overland journey is trained crew, ready to assist in case of any requirement and making the experience completely hassle-free for any traveller.

‘Travel Diaries. Forever’ resonates in their objective to create memories to last a lifetime and not just the duration of the journey.

Voyages Overland aims to change the perspective of travel by bringing community travel back in style. It is all about the warmth of travelling in the company of like-minded people and deeply understanding and engaging the communities in the places we travel.



Bonnie Interior


Bonnie Exterior

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